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Turn-based simulation


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Intended for Adults

Current Official version:

1.30.4 beta r593 (2010-12-20)

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Download, Source code SVN

Current Unofficial version: (2016-02-03)

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Download, Source code

Whoremaster is a free, open-source game released under GPL v3 license . The game was originally created by interested individuals inspired by Slave Maker and SimBrothel. The original developers stopped working on the game, but an active modding community has kept the project alive, adding in entirely new functionality.

This wiki is currently being updated for the latest unofficial version, as the official one hasn't been touched in half a decade.


You play as the only heir to a crime lord in the fictional city of Crossgate . Below is the transcription of the in-game introduction.

"Welcome to Crossgate, a city in the realm of Mundiga, where criminals rule and space and time overlap with other worlds and dimensions. Once a powerful crime lord in the city, your father was recently assassinated and his assets looted by rivals. All that remains is the fire-gutted shell of an old brothel that served as your father's headquarters. Your job now is to return the brothel to its former glories of exotic women and carnal pleasures. That will give you the income you need to avenge your father, and resume your rightful place as his successor. However this building hides some interesting secrets. Still concealed in the cellars is the dungeon where your father conducted the less savory aspects of his business. Underneath, endless catacombs extend, constantly shifting in the dimensional flux, drawing in beings and plunder from a thousand different worlds. It is up to you if you will be as evil as your father or not, but in any case you start with very little gold and your first order of business should be to purchase some girls from the slave market, and to hire some goons to guard your headquarters."


Whore Master is a turn based simulation, with each turn representing one week of in-game time. You goal is to be the only lord left in the city by eliminating the rival organizations; however if your balance drops below -5000 gold at any time, you lose the game.

Getting startedEdit

You start with very little gold (4000) and so your first order of business should be to purchase some slave girls from the Slave Market in town and hire some gangs to guard your assets. Both are essential to your success, without them you'll soon be at the mercy of your Rivals.


Each turn starts with you, the Player, pressing the Next Week button after planning out the schedule for that week. After that, events play out instantly without the Player's input and end with the Turn Summary screen, which may later be revisited from the Main Screen by pressing the Turn Summary button. In some cases, an event during the turn will require the Player to make choices (e.g. a non-paying customer), these will also be presented at the end of the week Turn Summary.

There are three main areas that should be addressed in every turn:

  • Gang Management - What you want your hired gang members to do for you.
  • The Dungeon - Where rebellious girls can be disciplined and misbehaving customers punished.

Additionally, you may also change the Brothel Setup and Visit Town.


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